Important Information

All prices are for doors sizes up to 36 x 84. An oversize fee will apply to all doors larger than that size. All doors are manufactured to 1 1/16” thickness, glued and pegged with mortise and tenons to ensure strength and durability.

  • All prices include screen panels and solid brass clips.
  • Full-view doors (e.g. the Newport Door) wider than 36” require an extra support bar across the screen in order to keep the frames from sagging. 
  • All doors are manufactured from quarter sawn mahogany. We use quarter sawn wood because it is stronger and less prone to warping or bending - perfect for exterior use!
  • Doors can be ordered in bare wood or primed white and all will come with screen panels.
  • Our standard screens are charcoal aluminum screening to prevent oxidation, and we offer additional options like pet and bronze screens.
  • To allow for year round use of your door, we offer fully interchangeable tempered glass storm panels. These provide light and protection from the cold and elements.

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Glass Insert
(Screen inserts are included with every door.)

Both colors are anodized meaning the color will not flake off over time

If not 38"

Hardware Choices

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3 Per Door - $30 Each - $90 for Set of 3

  • Loose Pin Hinge: Solid brass construction with loose pin for ease of door removal.  Hinges are 3” x 3” and come with screws for mounting.
  • Spring Loaded Hinge: 3.5” x 3.5” adjustable spring tension hinge.  This allows the door to close automatically without the need for a pneumatic closer.  *Spring loaded hinges are not for use with tempered glass.
  • Full Mortise Latch Sets: These latches are for doors with regular or heavy use. To mortise, we drill and chisel out a pocket in the wood that holds the latch. If the door will see regular use, you definitely want the full-mortise latch set instead of the rim-mount (which is only held to the door by four screws).
  •  Rim Mount Latch Sets:  These latches are for lighter use doors and do not require a mortise. We recommend a mortised latch for heavy traffic doors. 

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Duck with Cattail Panels

How to Measure

To ensure proper measurements for installation, follow the picture to determine height and width of your opening. 

  • Measure the inside edge of the casing area where you will hang your new door (A, B, and C). Use the narrowest measurement for the width. 
  • Then, measure the inside height (D). This is the "opening size."

  • Measure the current storm/screen door that you are replacing if it fits properly.
  • Be as accurate as possible with your measurements. 
  • In some cases, it might be desirable to hire a carpenter to check your casing and provide measurements. Please show the final dimensions as Width x Height.