All doors include screen panels. Wooden Screen Door Co. uses the highest quality charcoal aluminum screening to prevent oxidation. Screening is stretched into anodized aluminum frames available in your choice of white or brown finish.  Optional screening available: fiberglass, pet screen and bronze screen available at additional cost.

Storm Panels (Optional)

All doors are constructed for use as combination doors, so we recommend fully interchangeable tempered glass panels to provide light and protection, allowing for more functional year-round use. 

Storm panels are built to order; thus to ensure the best fit, it is recommended you order storm panels when you order your door. Frame choices are available in white or brown finish. 


All combination screen/storm doors are built of solid premium mahogany wood, selected for resistance to moisture and decay and stability in extreme temperature changes.


Door depth is 1 1/16” thick. Mortise and tenon, glued and pegged joinery throughout its construction ensures strength and durability.

Finish: Primed/White

Doors are produced primed in white, using a shellac-based primer, at no additional cost. Optional unprimed/bare wood finish is available, at additional cost.

Finish: Unprimed/Bare Wood

If unprimed /bare wood finish is selected, additional cost per door covers additional labor and material costs to select clearer grain and use of board feet. Please consult the price list for current pricing.


Screen and glass panels are held in place by solid brass clips installed for you in the interior face of the door. Each brass clip is machined for heavy-duty use.