RL003 - Satin Nickel Rim Mount

Solid Brass Slide Bolts & Wood Trim

(for double door setups)

C002 - Door Closer - Black

Satin Nickel Finish Rim Mount
​Latch Set

Heavy Duty Door Closers

Full-Mortised Latch Set:  Exterior Knob, Interior Handle with Privacy Lock:   $195 Each

H004 - Antique Brass Hinge

Door Latch Sets:

L004 Antique Brass Full Mortised

C001 - Door Closer - White

Here is the door hardware that you can choose from.  Please Contact Us with questions.

Door Hinges:  $30 Each

RL002 - Oil Rubbed Bronze Rim Mount

B001 - Polished Brass Slide Bolt

Rim Mounted Latch Set:  Exterior Knob, Interior Handle with Privacy Lock: $140 Each

Astragal - Installed on Inactive Door

H003 - Satin Nickel Hinge

Polished Brass Full Mortised
​Latch Set

Door Hardware

H005 - Primer Coated Adjustable Spring Hinge

B002 - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Slide Bolt

H002 - Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinge

C003 - Door Closer - Brown

L002 - Oil Rubbed Bronze Full Mortised

L001 - Polished Brass Full Mortised

H001 - Polished Brass Hinge

B003 - Stain Nickel Slide Bolt

L003 - Satin Nickel Full Mortised

RL001 - Polished Brass Rim Mount